This Dior-Approved Lip Trick Is A New Take On Holiday Glam

Holiday party season is here, bringing with it the crippling indecision of what to wear and exactly how to pencil on eyeliner.

In reality, you'll be three glasses deep into your boss's Dom Pérignon without a care in the world.

During the heady days of pre-party preparation, however, all you can focus on is how to own the night like Serena van der Woodsen would.

We turned to Lori Taylor Davis, lead makeup artist for Smashbox Pro, for a fresh take on the classic festive look.

Instead of applying the oft-repeated red lip, Taylor Davis went full ombre in hot pink. It's an echo of the look once worn by Dior models down the runway.

The result is a look that's not your mother's Christmas party style. It's more Ariana Grande than Mariah Carey, in the best way possible.

Try it yourself, just don't get caught under the mistletoe before the end of the night.

Celine Rahman

Start with a simple line.

Celine Rahman

As any kindergartner could tell you, a solid line is important in making a perfect drawing.

Taylor Davis uses Smashbox's Always Sharp lip liner in Nude Fair to emphasize the edge of our model's lips, but any honey shade will do. Add a darker color like Fuchsia for extra dimension.

Time for lip service.

Celine Rahman

Coat the edges of lips with a vibrant product like Smashbox's Be Legendary lipstick in Punch Drunk Matte.

Using small strokes, blend it into the liner.

Get punchy with it.

Celine Rahman

Taylor Davis applies Smashbox's Magenta Matte lipstick to the center of the lips, blending out the areas where it meets the darker shade.

The colors create the illusion that your lips rival Kylie Jenner's in plumpness. No one needs to know you didn't drop any cash on injections.

Just like that, you're ready to party. Finish with a bold black cat-eye flick and flawless skin.