In A Crazy Coincidence, Identical Twins Gave Birth At The Same Exact Time

In history, there have been some pretty amazing coincidences, but let's be real, this has got to be the cutest one ever.

It seriously warms my heart.

On June 30, identical twins Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers gave birth at exactly the same time to healthy babies. OK, they weren't in the same hospital or even the same state, but STILL. That's insane.

I don't care if you think twins having a special connection is BS, you can't deny the magic of this situation.

Apparently, the 35-year-old twins didn't plan on getting pregnant at the same time either.

Mariuz told People,

There have just been certain things in our life where things just match up.

Their due dates were just four days apart -- again, unplanned timing. They found out the other was pregnant at Thanksgiving, when each planned to reveal the news to their family.

Rodgers explained,

I wanted it to be a surprise, but when she showed up at the door – it was the funniest thing – I opened the door, welcomed her into the home, but as soon as I saw her, I knew she was pregnant too.

The joint birthday must have been a tough one for their parents considering Mariuz lives in California and Rodgers lives in Colorado, but Rodgers said a group text had been started once she and her sister went into labor.

What makes it even crazier is that the babies were both born at 1:18 pm in their respective time zones. So, technically they're an hour apart, but the births line up because of the time difference.

The sisters' new babies, Reid Joseph and Samantha Lynne, will grow up together and probably be the best of friends. I mean, it's pretty awesome to grow up with cousins the same age as you, especially when you share a birthday.

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