These Guys Got Photoshopped Like Famous Women, And They Totally Hated It

Growing up as a woman is a vicious cycle.

First, you'll be told you're not beautiful enough, and then you'll be asked why you're so high maintenance because of all those habits you adopted in order to be more beautiful. Finally, you'll be hand-delivered a magazine featuring the slick, Photoshopped abs of a Karlie Kloss or Jourdan Dunn.

Rinse, and repeat.

The last few years have brought slow changes to the scene, with magazines pledging to drop the tool entirely and celebrities calling out publications that make them look like entirely different people. But still, in the era of the Kardashians, it's not enough to just look perfect after the fact.

Your bronzed, baked, contoured, strobed, microbladed, waxed and plucked body must be ready for presentation at all times.

Everyone was shocked when Kim's digital game made millions, but there's only one place she learned all that patience and perseverance: in the glam chair.

On a new episode of BuzzFeed's "Try Guys" series, the four-man team replicated the famously Photoshopped glamour shots of the elite. From Madonna's leaked promotional photo (Eye wrinkles? Gasp!) to Kim K's white-painted desert shot (Or, is it badly applied SPF?), the boys took to the challenge.

After they'd been primped by a professional team and lit by the pros, the foursome took on their photo challenges. Even before the shutter snapped shut, they'd already begun understanding the tough world of womanhood, one in which no one is ever up to snuff.

Being photographed without a head, so as to focus on your derriere, or being hunched over in a fur aren't poses that lead to self-confidence.

For the first time in their happy male lives, this group of dudes had the chance to understand what it's like when society tells you you're not good enough. It didn't feel good, either.

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