Ania Boniecka

5 Fashion Trends To Get A Head Start On 2017

Of the million and one reasons we're excited to get decked out in sparkles and ring in the new year, we might be MOST pumped about the new wave of fashion that's headed our way in 2017.

This new year we're resolving to have a fresh outlook on relationships, on work — on pretty much everything in our lives.

And our wardrobes are certainly no exception.

Lucky for us, the 2017 style forecast is ALL about keeping it fresh. From feminine frill to oversize athleticism to '90s throwbacks, we can look forward to filling our closets with looks that are anything but blah.

Since there's never any time to waste when it comes to fashion — and because we're pretty much over 2016 at this point, TBH — we're in the mood to get a jump-start on next year's hottest looks.

Here are five trends that'll rule the streets come 2017.

Athletic Chic

You know those days when you just want to wear sweats but also need to look somewhat presentable (so, um, like, every day of my life)? Well, you can stop agonizing: Comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive.

This look is essentially about upgrading your favorite gym outfit: Throw on slouchy track pants or leggings and an oversized hoodie, then finish it off with some mirrored sunglasses and white sneaks. And just like that, you've transformed into the ultimate cool girl whether you're en route to a yoga class or a lunch date.


Undone Romance

We think it's borderline insane that the prettiest, most detailed and (often) priciest part of your wardrobe is hidden away under your clothes, never to be seen by most.

Yes, we're talking about lingerie.

Well, good news: The undone romance trend is all about turning your outfit inside out. Start by showing off pieces like silky slips and lacy bralettes exposed under floral dresses. Keep warm by throwing on a cropped cashmere or knit sweater, and you're left with a look that's as cozy as it is romantic.


Throwback Glamazon

Naomi. Christie. Cindy. We all know that '90s supermodels pretty much personify glamour.

But what you may not know is — SHOCKER — you can too. This vintage glamazon trend is the perfect way to celebrate those sexy, slinky, skintight silhouettes.

Throw it back to everyone's favorite decade by choosing full-length dresses. Opt for either body-con or slouchy and silky, depending on your mood. Pair with contrasting boxy denim or an oversized military jacket, then cuff your sleeves, give your hair a shake and BAM: instant icon status.



You know that girl you went to high school with? The impossibly-cool soccer star who was also homecoming queen four years in a row? Yeah, we hated her too.

But her style? Oh, her style — the perfect combo of tomboy and ladylike — was something to be revered. This look is definitely still cool, and it's set to take the fashion world by storm in 2017.

Embrace this trend by coupling leather leggings with a deep v-neck printed tee and metallic sneakers. Throw a luxe bomber over your shoulders, and stack on a million delicate necklaces, bracelets and rings to complete the outfit.


Festival Babe

Sun-drenched days, music floating through hazy air, flowers in your hair — yup, it's festival season. And even though Coachella only happens two weekends a year, we're of the belief that festival fashion is ALWAYS a good idea. That's where this trend comes in.

The perfect festival look is born when pretty meets, um, not-so-pretty. Start with denim shorts with ripped patches and shredded details. Pair them with either a silky kimono or a semi-sheer muumuu over a crochet bikini and flat leather sandals. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to the festival look, as long as the final product is as girly as it is distressed.