Trend Alert: Everything New Is Blue

Hues of blue, like Cobalt and Aqua, are set to become a huge fashion trend this season. These blues are not moody, but daring. It doesn't matter whether it's for dresses, pants, tops, or accessories -- blue is the color to be seen in.

Throughout 2013, blue hues proved to be extremely popular on the high fashion runways, ranging from bright cobalt/aqua shades to more subtle and calmer shades. Blue tones were used by 13.2% of the designers.

The fashion press has wholeheartedly endorsed blue as the go-to-color for the season. Just a couple of months ago, ShortList magazine featured a summary of the key trends for 2013, highlighting a broad spectrum of blues. The article also noted that this is a very easy color trend for any man to incorporate into his wardrobe, and also recommended using blue as a starting point for successful color-blocked outfits.

One of the biggest color trends to hit the fashion world for the season, and it’s most likely one you have already incorporated into your wardrobe. But there's never been a better time to add more shades of the popular color to your closet than this year. And really, can blue ever go out of style? The great thing is that the new pieces you acquire will easily work well and complement other colors you already wear -- think white, red, brown or tonal navy as options to help you develop seasonally appropriate, effortless looks that are both on trend and stand out from the crowd.

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