The 16 Most Romantic Movie Scenes That Will Make Every Single Girl Want To Rip Her Heart Out

by Elite Daily Staff

Hey, you over there! No, not you with the hunky boyfriend of nine months on your arm. YOU! The single gal who's sulking in the corner, pretending not to be creepy as you spy on the couple of nine glorious, hand-holding months together.

We have something for you. It’s not much, but it’s a token of our appreciation to let you know that you’re not alone… that wrenching feeling will come much, much later. Get excited. Yay!

From the underlying love story in “Gladiator,” to the passionate poetry of “Shakespeare in Love,” here’s the ultimate round-up of the best romantic scenes from the most single-sob-sesh-worthy films.

“The Notebook” (Pretty much every scene, but especially this one:)

Kissing in the rain is every girl’s number one romantic fantasy. This movie is hard to watch only because it tugs at our heart strings SO MUCH, like painfully so. Looking for a good cry and need some inspiration? “The Notebook” is like porn for those seeking a solo sob fest.

"Shakespeare In Love"

Oh come on, don’t sit there and pretend like you don’t die inside while watching this movie. You know those thoughts of “Will anyone ever love me that much?” totally come to mind as you sit there simultaneously baffled that you actually like that sack of GOOPY bones, Gwyneth Paltrow (just this one time). What we’re trying to say is that we’re NOT ALONE… er, in our adoration for “Shakespeare in Love…” OKAY!? Learning to self-cope is key here, people.


Watching this movie while you're single is kind of like cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously, we are inflicting major self-torture as we yearn for Robbie Turner to just f*cking come back to us! Why, why does it always need to end tragically? Will it end tragically for us? Yes, yes it will. (Cries into hands.)

"American Beauty"

No, we’re not referring to the sordid attraction Lester has for Angela -- Who do you think we are? Sickos? We’re talking about Jane and Ricky Fitts, the two romantic lovers whose relationship totally melts our hearts. Misfits finding love will always make us mushy. Swoooon.


"Django" was one of those movies that really stayed with us. The journey Django takes to rescue the one he cannot live without is incredibly dreamy. We would have fainted, too, if our long-lost lover surprised us with the knee-weakening, “Hey there, little troublemaker,” line. Let’s not forget to mention just how drop-dead gorgeously beautiful Kerry Washington is. Djang-oh-no-he-didn’t!

"Silver Linings Playbook"

Full Disclosure: "Silver Linings Playbook" practically changed our lives. That “excelsior” sh*t? Deep, real deep. J. Law with Bradley Cooper -- it’s like they are asking for us to fall head-over-heels and whip-cream our pants. Oh, awkward. Why are we crying? Because love like this just doesn’t exist in real life.

"You’ve Got Mail"

When this part of the movie happens, we literally lose our sh*t -- every single time. What do you mean, “Don’t cry"!? Hello, we have been waiting for this moment for a whole 117 minutes! We’re damn straight gonna cry, Tom Hanks. But, we'll cry only tears of joy and love. “You’ve Got Mail” might actually make us believe that online romance is real and possible.

"Breakfast At Tiffany’s"

So, forgetting the fact that Paul Varjak is kind of a player (...sleeping with an older woman to finance his writing career? Tsk, tsk. Although, we can’t say we haven’t thought about it…), his moment in the rain with classic heroine, Holly Golightly, is nothing short of magical. It’s a totally cheesy scene that has basically become the staple for every girl who wants to sit home and feel sorry for herself, which we do, thank you very much for asking.

"Pitch Perfect"

Two teenage-ish love birds serenading each other to the sounds of their own a cappella? Can you say "toner" much? Anything that mimics a John Hughes movie will, of course, make us weak, but add in hot-rod Skylar Astin with his geeky smile, and you’ve got yourself an aca-gasm.

"The Artist"

There are no words, literally. The way the two protagonists stare into each other's eyes is enough to communicate a thousand I love yous. “The Artist” has us longing for a simpler time. Oh, to be young (puffs cigarette).

"My Best Friend’s Wedding"

Aside from the fact that Michael doesn’t end up with Jules, our hearts still break every time this scene comes on the USA Network. Duh, the blonde with the straight hair always wins over the big-haired food critic. We feel you, Jules; we feel you!

"Love Actually" (…but only the really, really touching scene)

Men of the world, take a big hint: If there’s a right way to win over a girl, it’s this. We all secretly want to be Keira Knightley, but especially in this moment during “Love Actually.” Could we possibly feel worse about being single after this scene? Yes, in fact, we could, considering there are about seven other story lines in this film to make us feel like sad, lonely pieces of sh*t.


Okay, so maybe we don’t get to see enough of the love between the gladiator and his wife, but we totally know it’s there. The moment when Russell Crowe flashbacks to uniting with his family makes us want to weep into a bag of Skinny Pop and a bottle of Sauvignon with a little Xanax on top. Sigh, they just don’t make men like that anymore.


I think it’s fair to say that any movie with Ryan Gosling, romantic or not, will leave every single girl feeling especially lonely and longing. In “Drive,” the end is near, and yet Gosling still manages to steal a kiss from the sweet Carey Mulligan. Oh, Ryan, we hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave.

"Bridget Jones’ Diary"

"Bridget Jones’ Diary" is the movie equivalent of comfort mac ’n’ cheese for a single girl. We’ll take two servings of an overweight Renée Zellweger and one long rope to make us feel better about our singledom. Make that an extra helping.

Bonus: "One Day"

We kind of really hate this movie, but it doesn’t change the fact that we still cried like little babies throughout the whole thing. Let’s just clarify something, though, before we move forward: These tears are only tears of joy when a car hits Anne Hathaway. One more man back on the market and one fewer scene she appears in.