Tom Ford Formerly Designed For An Interesting Group

Tom Ford is not only one of the world’s most well known, loved and respected designers; he’s also one of the most elusive. For someone whose business is so much in the public eye, the designer tries very hard to stay private. So private, that he rarely gives interviews.

The designer recently decided to try something new, and spoke with Women’s Wear Daily for an interview on a wide array of topics. The usual was asked, but there were some topics covered that certainly caught our eye.

During the interview, Ford expressed his slight disappointment at the lack of rave reviews for his fall 2013 collection (“I expected a more positive reaction in a stronger way. And what I got was a sort of stunned reaction.”), and praised his fellow designers on their works.

The majority of the interview centered, of course, on his label, but the most fascinating aspect of the interview was when Ford delved into his background at Gucci and (formerly) Yves Saint Laurent:

“I’m in a totally different place. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I’m not the guy who’s designing clothes for someone who is doing lines of coke off the table, like I was when I was at Gucci and Saint Laurent. But anyway, I love these clothes and I believe they will sell at retail. As I said, in our showroom, we just finished sales last week and we were three times higher than we had projected.”

Although he doesn’t go into the subject too heavily, but he does say that he designed for people doing drugs at his former fashion houses. This is obviously going to happen, but this interview coincides with the recent raves about model practices at Vogue Australia.

Is the fashion industry a little dirtier than we all thought?

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images