The 32 Times You Wish Your Sister Were Next To You, Like Right Now

by Elite Daily Staff

Toni Morrison captured it perfectly when she said,

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves -- a special kind of double.

Your sister is your best friend, counterpart and complement, all in one person. By the very virtue of spending an exorbitant amount of time together, you two know each other in and out and are the best at identifying each other's needs without having to explicitly state them.

Your unconditional support for each other -- whether it's a quick "hey, how ru" text or surprise visit from across the country -- makes your parents proud. They know that no matter what, you two have each other. The kind of affection that can't be married into.

You were fortunate to live with her for at least a few years when you were kids. And now, ever since you both grew up and moved out, you’ve been longing for her presence by your side.

There’s never really a day when you don’t want her around. Your sister is your natural companion, someone who you can always be yourself with. Seeing her somehow makes the day just more special. In moments of distress, or laughter, or relaxation, you always welcome having your sister around.

Here are the 32 times you wish your sister was next to you, like right now.

1. When you’re texting with a guy you’re crushing on and have no idea what to respond.

2. When you want to bake cakes for absolutely no reason other than to eat them.

3. When you need to complain about your parents to someone who just gets it.

4. When you want to eat dinner and not talk.

5. When you can't remember a family member’s name on Thanksgiving.

6. When you need her to cover for you to your parents. "Mom, Dad, I just spoke to Cara on her cell phone. She didn't sleep out, she's home. And she's not drunk, she's just tired." Oh ya, you owe her big time.

7. When you’re having an off-day and don't want to be alone and don't want to have to explain yourself.

8. When you need a familiar face. Like the summer she moved all the way to Spain for a semester abroad and your parents let you visit because, you really, really needed to spend not your own money quality time.

9. When you need a ride.

10. When you're watching a funny movie you know she’ll love. Her laugh is everything.

11. When you want to go to brunch, not wear any makeup and then watch E! Channel movies all day.

12. Sneaking too many samples at Whole Foods? Throwing a fit at the nail place? Rare, forget-immediately moments like these, when you need someone not to judge you.

13. When you receive bad news.

14. When you're searching for a place to crash.

15. When you're in dire need of a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. She's got your back in times of trouble and you now know to never run from the cops again. You are just not fast enough.

16. To help you get through a work crisis. It's what emotionally-strong women do.

17. When you need real-talk. And real-talk, your breath smells like a horse barn.

18. When you can't find your hairbrush.

19. When you want to look cool. She is your fan in the stands, wingman at the party or date to the theatre.

20. When you need a recommendation on where to throw your 25th birthday party. She is the most thoughtful person you know, and your birthday is more important to her than her own.

21. Fashion advice. And if you're lucky, a tour of the closet.

22. When you need advice about something that itches...

23. When you could use an extra hand, setting the table for a dinner that you probably conned her into preparing for you. Nice job.

24. When you're at an awkward dinner party and have no one to talk to, or split the entree with.

25. When you're high and bugging out, your sister will make you laugh about it.

26. When you're looking for a job, sisters are your best networking tool.

27. When you're not in the mood to pay for your lunch. Thanks, sis!

28. To be the perfect travel buddy. Your sister is always on your page, down for whatever and will stick around to share those memories for years to come.

29. When you need a babysitter.

30. When you don't receive that special text back.

31. When you need major help styling your hair. Your sister has the same type, she knows what to do.

32. Whenever.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr