47 Crazy Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Head When She Has 'Nothing' To Wear

by Ashley Fern

Ugh... another day, another outfit decision.

It doesn't matter if we're going out for a night on the town or down the street to pick up an iced coffee — the outfit struggle is real, and we feel that down to our core.

Nothing looks as good as it did in the store, and it most definitely fits even worse than it looked online. How is it that everything looks flawless on the models, but frumpy and ill-fitting on us? I'm calling BS on that one.

Just a day ago, your room was clean, but after attempting to pick out an outfit to wear, everything you own is scattered across your floor. It doesn't matter that it's summer, there is now a fur vest hanging from your floor lamp.

At this point, all you want to do is stay in, but you can't. So, instead, these 47 things come across your mind as you venture through your wardrobe:

1. I hate everything I own.

2. Why did I even buy this (while fingering the price tag that's still attached)?

3. This is the fugliest thing I've ever seen.

4. What drugs was I on when I bought this?

5. I wonder if I have any left.

6. Am I actually ever going to wear this (tosses shirt to the ground and kicks it clear across the room)?

7. I should donate this to charity.

8. Nah, they wouldn't even want it.

9. Why do I always try this on and never wear it?

10. My hips are huge!

11. I hate my calves.

12. I've got man shoulders.

13. I used to think there was just fat and skinny. But apparently there are lots of things that can be wrong on your body.

14. Where did I think I was going in this frock?

15. Is this too conservative?

16. Now I just look like a hooker.

17. But is this too much cleavage?

18. Is there such a thing?

19. The limit does not exist.

20. If no one saw me in this outfit yesterday, I can re-wear it, right?

21. If no photos were taken, it's basically as if I've never even worn this before.

22. I don't understand how I spent over $100 shopping last week and still have nothing to wear.

23. Ugh, my ex is going to be there and I look like a homeless version of Nicole Richie in this getup, faaaa-ck.

24. Why the f*ck did I buy this ugly piece of sh*t shirt knowing I would never wear it?

25. WHY GOD WHY is it day 22? Now, Forever 21 will never take this back, I might as well burn it or use it as a dishrag.

26. This actually looks like a potato sack.

27. No, seriously, where is my body?

28. This is doing absolutely nothing for me whatsoever.

29. I didn't go on an all-carb diet to be rocking a window curtain.

30. Maybe if I wear this with a chunky necklace, it'll look better... Nope, still looks LIKE SH*T — next.

31. F*ck this necklace.

32. F*ck this shirt.

33. I'm not leaving the apartment.

34. How did it look so good on the model?

35. Why can my best friend make this look stunning while I just make it look trashy?

36. There is no justice in this world I tell you!

37. I hate you Urban Outfitters.

38. I hate you even more Free People.

39. Don't even get me started on American Apparel.

40. Damn it, now I'm going to be so late.

41. Why am I always the last one ready?

42. This definitely wasn't worth a shower.

43. But is it ever?

44. Is there any way I can get out of this commitment?

45. Is it too late to say I'm sick?

46. Ugh, everyone will know I just don't want to leave my bed and Netflix.

47. Guess it's the go-to black jeans and black tank top... again.

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Photo Courtesy: We Heart It