All The Thoughts A Girl Has When Picking Out The Perfect Outfit For The First Day Of School (Video)

by Ashley Fern

One thing I'm happy about in the post grad world is the fact that I no longer have to stress about what I'm going to wear to my first day of classes.

Regardless of the fact that I did not attend my first day of college classes — actually scratch that, make that the first week of college classes -- in high school, your outfit meant everything.

You obviously had to consult with your closest friends because it was social suicide to show up on day one wearing similar outfits.

From shoes to shirt to pants to backpack, everything needed to be closely examined. It was an unwritten rule that you needed to roll up to that first day looking as flawless as possible in a brand new outfit.

Sure it may look like you just threw on this ol' thing, but little did everyone know (who are you kidding, everyone knew) that it took three weeks of solid planning to create your masterpiece.

This will most definitely take you back to your younger years.

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