10 Basic Thoughts That Go Through Every Girl's Mind While Drinking A PSL


The pumpkin spice latte (PSL, if you will) has become the preeminent beverage that signals the beginning of fall.

It debuted at Starbucks on August 28 this year, despite the date being almost a full month prior to the actual autumnal equinox. Clearly, the Gregorian calendar is no match for the power of the PSL.

This amazing latte wields impressive influence over our lives, but it also triggers a variety of feelings and questions as we drink it.

1. How many calories am I currently consuming?

As we sip away on the standard, non-skinny version of this drink, we question how much of our daily fat intake we're plowing through.

Should I have gotten the tall instead of the venti?  Should I have opted for no whipped cream and just gotten extra foam? Should I have a salad for lunch later to balance this out? Yeah, I'll definitely have a salad for lunch, and no sweets for the rest of the day... after I finish eating the pumpkin bread that I bought to-go with the latte.

Whatever, you love this drink so much that it doesn't even matter if it adds some cushion to your hip measurement. You are all about that sacrifice.

2. I need new boots.

This latte experience obviously fuels your desire for a fall wardrobe upgrade. You need new scarves, mustard-colored jeans, brown boots, black boots, leather jackets, trench coats, plum lipstick, etc. Trips to H&M and DSW often follow finishing a PSL.

3. I need a fresh manicure (*looks down at nails*).

Long gone is the season of "Ballet Slippers."

It's time for "Wicked" and "Licorice" colors. Think fall; be fall; absorb fall.

4. When am I going wine tasting?

As you're drinking, you definitely think about drinking. You whip out your phone and write a little reminder to yourself: "Book limo service for wineries."

Wine tasting is practically a fall rite of passage. If you don't go out to the wineries, who are you? Get a group together and make sure transportation to and from is scheduled and intact. (Also, make sure you have solid boots and an updated mani.)

5. I need to go to Yankee Candle.

Seasonal candles are the perfect accessory to any kitchen table, bedroom or bathroom. Whether you buy Apple Pie, Autumn Leaves, Spiced Pumpkin, Pumpkin Ginger Bark, Harvest, or all five, this will become a top priority.

You could always wait until your neighbor's cousin's best friend has one of those fundraiser sales for a band concert trip to Pennsylvania. Or, you could run to the mall right after you finish your latte and buy everything immediately.

6. What should I be for Halloween?

This is such a ridiculously important question: Should I be a zombie princess or a slutty nurse? Decisions, decisions. Regardless of your choice, you and your girls need to be the hottest ones at any party.

Costume purchases have to happen before all of the memorable stuff is out of stock.

7.  Shaving can take a hiatus.

One of the perks of bikini season being over is that you can stop shaving your legs every single day. Instead, you can wear jeans and shave every other day, every two days, once a week, once a month or whatever floats your boat. Amazing.

8. I need to go apple picking.

It doesn't matter if you like apples because you obviously like fall-themed Instagram photos.

This is an excuse to dress in a really cute autumnal outfit and show that you know the differences between Granny Smith, McIntosh, Red Delicious and Gala. You'll seem so cultured.

9. Is "Hocus Pocus" on Netflix?

This is a genuinely important question that at least one of your friends can answer because she watched it over the summer in anticipation for fall. It's probably still in her queue.

10. I need to go to the gym.

You're definitely feeling full of calorically-infused liquid and are now kind of regretting it. Put on your Nikes, and soon, you'll feel as good as new.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It