Women Of New York Go Crazy As Endless Mimosa Brunches Are Made Illegal

Bottomless brunches will now be joining the ranks of "Essential Adult Happiness That The Government Has Taken Away" along with smoking in clubs and Quaaludes.

The NYC Hospitality Alliance issued a menacing press release on Monday warning all us Bloody Mary devotees that the bottomless bingeing is actually illegal under the State Liquor Authority.

"The ABC Law prohibits from selling, serving, delivering or offering to patrons an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price."

Jeez, somebody should really give these people a drink.

Think you'll circumvent the law by getting obliterated at unlimited Karaoke Night instead? Not so fast. This law also includes your favorite bar's ladies night where you drink like the workweek didn't exist and tights were made to be ripped. Who knew the Authority on Liquor could be such a buzzkill?

We're guessing restaurants will also have to change "Happy Hour" to "In Memory of Happiness Hour."

H/T: NYMag, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It