This Girl Nails Exactly What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners... Again (Video)

When this talented impersonator — who goes by the name of Smoukahontas online — posted her original rundown of what languages sound like to those who don't speak them, her impressions from US English to Italian to Arabic were pretty spot on.

After garnering an impressive 7 million plus YouTube hits, Smoukahontas is at it again with another hilarious (and eerily accurate) rundown of how we hear languages we're unfamiliar with.

In "What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners #2," Smoukahontas speaks different languages using nonexistent words, but incorporates some pretty familiar facial expressions and gestures.

Smoukahontas re-impersonates a few of the languages from her first segment that she says were "bad" (still had us fooled) and adds a few more into the fold, like "Something African" and "Scottish."

And just to clarify — Smoukahontas wants you to know that she doesn't mean any harm or offense through her mimicry.

"I love all the languages... I'm not trying to speak them, it's just what they sound like to my ear, and I'm just babbling in jibberish in that accent."

via Sploid