This Girl Just Became The Youngest Lawyer In UK History

Can I get a, “What, what!?” It’s women like this one who keep Gen-Y ladies motivated. Gabrielle Turnquest is younger than I am, and she's already a f*cking certified lawyer. Talk about taking the road less traveled.

Not only did Turnquest earn her undergraduate degree at age 16 - while we were probably illegally drinking for the first time in our friend’s basement - but she has also just been named the youngest lawyer in UK history.

Not simply the youngest female lawyer, either. Turnquest is the youngest lawyer the UK has ever seen, period. Let's hear it for girl power! Turnquist just passed her bar exam at the University of Law in England, where the average age for a course graduate is 27. What have you done today? I think it’s safe to say this girl just killed the game.

Via: Huffington Post, Photo via The Telegraph