This Clothing Company Combines Beauty And Brains By Using Only Models With PhDs (Photos)

There's a new breed of model and it's not a 6'4" Swedish Latina....

I can't think of a better way for the clothing company, Betabrand, to gain respect and attention than by using women with doctorates as their models.

It really is genius, and I can't think of a more perfect way to start gravitating away from the disgusting use of genetically engineered models who end up selling bad self esteem instead of trendy skirts -- because women with PhDs are the types of women we should be trying to emulate.

These women are strong, smart and sexy. We want to dress like them because we want to be like them. And we can be like them.

They look good in the clothes and wear them as women with a purpose.

They are the types of women who should be showing us how great clothes look off the runway and in everyday life.

If this is anywhere close to where the fashion industry is headed, I think I'll start paying more attention.


H/T: AdWeek, Photos Courtesy: Betabrand