These Sexist Ads From The Past Look Seriously Out Of Place Now (Photos)

by Katie Gonzalez

Apparently all that sexism in "Mad Men" episodes wasn't just to show a more drastic gender divide, or to entice viewers with the stark contrast of times past.

These ads from the 1950s and 196os prove that the marketing world was likely filled with a bunch of old guys, totally insensitive to or unaware of women's actual wants and needs.

In reading the copy of many of these print ads, you'll see that the tone of marketing from that bygone era was truly misogynistic.

From not-so-subtley hinting that men beat their wives if they didn't produce the best dinner possible, to outwardly declaring "Men are better than women!", these ads make us truly glad we don't live in the time of Don and Betty Draper.

H/T: Business Insider