These Girls Get It: Listen To Them Break Down The Word 'Bossy' And What Leadership Is

They may not be Beyoncé (yet), but these young girls seriously know what's up.

When asked about their understanding of the word "bossy," many would not be surprised to learn that they don't view it entirely as a negative, a la Sheryl Sandberg.

While some of the young women described the word as meaning "selfish" and "annoying," others went on to say that being "bossy" doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

"Sometimes when you're leading something, people think that you're bossy but you're actually just trying to lead it which can end up being bossy."

In the video, released by online group She Knows, these girls imparted some serious wisdom about what bossy means to them, the subjects of the #BanBossy campaign.

And some did agree that the word has negative connotations for females only.

So, in redefining bossy, these 8- and 9-year-olds agreed that "being bossy has nothing to do with being a boy or a girl."

But no matter what, these girls are not too quick to change their behavior based on one, five-letter word. If called bossy by a peer, this girl said:

"I would say, 'I'm sorry I'm bossy, but I'm just trying to show people something.'"