There Are Only 16 Cities In The United States Where Women Make More Than Men

Although population lines among men and women might be drawn close to 50/50, that's definitely not the case with how their pay is distributed.

According to new data released by the US Census Bureau, there are only 16 cities where women make more than men — and six of these places are in California.

Most of these cities you've probably never heard of, but if you're a woman, they're cities you might want to consider moving to stat. In Jacksonville, North Carolina — the city with the biggest pay edge for women over men — female employees make on average 127.12 percent of what men make.

California clearly had the most cities where women made more than men, and New York was the only other state with two cities where women topped the pay charts, as Syracuse and Mount Vernon prove to be places where women outpace men on the payscale.

Unsurprisingly, major cities like New York City and Washington, DC, didn't make the list, with smaller and lesser-known hubs like Richmond, Virginia, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, showing up instead.

Check out the full infograph to see what cities are best for women's wages, and perhaps use it to plot your next big move.

via Nerd Wallet, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr