The 'When Women Refuse' Tumblr Gives Another Platform For Horrific Stories Of Abuse

by Katie Gonzalez

Just like the #YesAllWomen hashtag, a new platform for women to share their experiences of discrimination and abuse has emerged online following the tragic California killings by misogynist and member of the "men's rights" movement Elliot Rodger.

When Women Refuse is a newly-created Tumblr that aims to collect "stories of violence inflicted on women who reject sexual advances."

And judging by the details of some of the entries and the number of responses the Tumblr page has posted so far, it's clear to see that Elliot Rodger is not an anomaly within our society — he was just one high-profile perpetrator who happened to have a gun and succeed in killing and harming a large number of people.

But the stories on When Women Refuse prove that there are many, many men who act entitled to women's bodies, and react violently and aggressively when they're rejected.

The recollections posted are all different variations of the same, sad story: one woman was stabbed to death by her boyfriend after she broke up with him; another woman was beaten to death by a man whose advances she rebuffed; and yet another woman was attacked by a date she refused to have sex with who tried disfigure her by cutting off her nose.

Have you had enough yet?

These stories are sad proof that misogyny isn't just latent discrimination towards women, it's dangerous to their lives.

The Elliot Rodger attack has encouraged more women to speak out against the abuse they've suffered for years, and due to the publicity of the shooting, more people are listening. But why must it take a mass killing to get people to pay attention to these horrific instances of everyday violence?

via When Women Refuse, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr