The SWAG Pill Is Everything Wrong With The Sexual Culture Of America

by Katie Gonzalez

This country has gone to sh*t apparently, with the release of a sex supplement called S.W.A.G. — the not-so-smart acronym for "Sex With A Grudge."

Sold in certain New York bodegas, this little white pill alleges that consumers will be empowered to "hurt it" and "kill it" — "it" being the woman the guy in the photo is having sex with.

We visited the supplement's website (not worth the hyperlink, believe me) for science, and the contents are just as disgusting and degrading as what's on the wrapper.

It also includes a whole lot of rambling, but the general idea is that the pill — which can be purchased for an overpriced $10.99 — helps with sexual performance anxiety, and all those who lose their erection in the two seconds it takes them to unwrap the condom.

The S.W.A.G. pill is an embarrassing example of the normalization of rape culture and the encouragement to treat women like sexual objects.

This pill propagates the belief that women's sexuality exists only to please the man, promoting that he can take it and use it any way he wants it. Wrong.

Here's to hoping that the S.W.A.G. pill is just another f*cked up joke, but sexual violence is never funny so the delivery here falls more than a little bit flat.

This country's gone to shit — The Knockouts (@FUCKBROOKLYN) April 6, 2014

Photo Courtesy: Twitter