Why 'The Other Woman' Is Healthier And Happier Than You Are

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This weekend, I watched “The Other Woman,” which is essentially all about the other woman in a relationship.

The beginning of the movie suggests you're about to watch a complete and utter fairytale.

Cameron Diaz (who took on the role of the other woman, named Carly) seems to be dating the most perfect guy in the world. He has the entire package.

He's a sexy charmer and spontaneous AF. He drives a sick Aston Martin (obviously), takes her on lavish dates in New York City, showers her with roses and makes her feel as though she's the only girl he has eyes for.

She's living the happy life, casually floating on cloud nine because she has the most incredible boyfriend in the world. Her life is pretty flawless, right?


Carly shows up at her man's house to surprise him, and ends up finding out he's MARRIED when his wife (Kate) answers the door.

Awkward much?

We can't help but initially despise “the other woman,” and we want to throw her under the bus. Who can blame us, though?

She's been made out to be this terrible person: someone who's selfish and evil, but overall, a cheater. How can you have a relationship based on lies, hurt and infidelity?

We empathize with the wife at the door, who's totally clueless her husband has a mistress. She thought he was the love of her life, and she the love of his.

But in the case of the movie, Carly was unaware the man she was dating was an asshole of a cheater. So, who can really blame her?

SPOILER ALERT: Carly and Kate team up together and get the sweetest revenge. Girl power prevails.

Taking major inspiration from Cameron Diaz's character in the movie, here's why “the other woman” is healthier and happier than you are.

1. She's living a complete fairytale, filled with roses, bubble baths, massages, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. OH, and Prince Charming.

2. Since she's “the other woman,” he rarely has stress when he's with her. He leaves that for his wife/committed girlfriend.

3. He's irrevocably romantic because it's all about sex and romance.

4. He knows exactly what to say, and tells her all the things she wants to hear.

5. She's wearing blinders because he seems too good to be true.

6. She's under the impression she has the perfect relationship and perfect guy wrapped around her little finger.

7. He courts her in the way every girl dreams of being courted.

8. He knows how to play the part, and she completely embraces it.

9. He constantly showers her with compliments.

10. He brings her bouquets of roses on the reg.

11. He gives her everything she wants and more.

12. She's not evil... She doesn't even know he's a lying bastard.

13. He kisses up to her dog, too.

14. She's living the dream every single day of her life.

15. And he's giving her that dream… UNTIL HE GETS CAUGHT.

The cheating bastard never wins in the end. But while he's playing the game, he's making "the other woman" feel like an absolute queen in all aspects of her life.

It's no wonder she seems to be the happiest person in the world, with no worries or stress whatsoever. She's getting everything she wants, and doesn't even know she's being played.

The woman who selfishly accepts the fact that her man is cheating on his wife may be happy for now, but this never lasts forever.

He cheated on his wife, which means he'll cheat on his mistress too.