The Newest Health Craze: BB Tea

BB Creams have been this year’s most talked about beauty craze. If you’ve been living under a rock, BB creams, or beautifying balms, are a multipurpose product that evens your skin tone, offers SPF, light coverage, and have reparative features.

Now, the craze is moving onto other outlets. Enter: Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea. Kusmi Tea is a well-revered tea product by beauty industry insiders. Tea is a great means of detoxifying your body and has recently gained a loyal following by the clean eating, health foodie set.

So, what exactly is their product? Exactly what it says it is. BB Detox Tea is a beauty beverage that detoxifies your skin by releasing excess fluids and boosting immunity and toxin removal with mate and green tea.

Not only that, but the BB Detox Tea mix also contains dandelion and rooibos (a South African plant high in Vitamins C and A) plus alpha hydroxyl acids, plus a subtle hint of grapefruit that makes your beautifying experience even more delicious.

This latest innovation in Detox beverages is now available for purchase in 4.4 and 8.8-ounce tins for $19.50 and $34.94, respectively, at

Will you be opting for the latest Detox trend? I’m always a big fan of products that serve multiple purposes, so getting a daily tea fix, along with ridding your body of toxins, are something that I know I’ll be more than okay with.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images