The Newest Breast Enhancement Treatment

Breast augmentation is perhaps the most common plastic surgery to be had amongst women. Small chested women frequently long for a larger bust and will go to any length, at any cost, to get one.

For those women who yearn for a larger cup size, but have opted out of surgical procedures, there’s a new treatment out and it’s definitely… different. The treatment is called Wonderlift, and it claims to be able to magically grow one’s breasts up to two times larger without surgery. Hmmm, how?


The treatment, which is apparently not painful, uses suction, a low-frequency electrical current and vibration to stimulate blood circulation and breast growth. Basically, you’re dealing with a suction cup bra that constantly vibrates. The company’s founder suggests 12 treatments to achieve a larger bust, with each treatment being priced at less than $1,000 total.

Here’s the catch, the effects of this procedure only last about two or so years before you would have to go back and endure the procedure again. Essentially, this strange Austin Powers looking contraption costs just as much as a surgical procedure, takes more time, is less permanent and is most certainly much stranger than just getting a boob job.

When will women learn to simply be happy with their own bodies?

Photo Credit: Getty Images