The Medical Ailment Inspired By Victoria Beckham

I can distinctly remember when I first started wearing a purse. In my town growing up, it was customary for a sixth grade girl to receive a Coach purse for the holidays (gag) and begin carrying it to school. Of course, my purse held nothing other than a pack of gum and a pen, but it was absolutely necessary to still wear one.

I felt so cool getting dropped off to go to the mall with my friends, carrying my purse in the crook of my arm. Not only did I feel so cool, but also so grown up -- and now, I want to go back in time and slap my 11-year-old self.

I don’t really carry my purse (which is now a necessity) like that anymore; I personally prefer to have it on my shoulder. However, some women do still carry their bags in the crook of their arm, which turns out may not be so good for your muscular health.

Strangely enough, this muscular problem is called "Poshitis," and Victoria Beckham inspires it. "Poshitis," which was coined by concerned medics, is the result of Beckham-inspired women who wear their large bags in the crook of their elbow.

According to experts, this phenomenon tears muscles and inflames shoulder tendons. Yikes.

“Women may think they are following a catwalk trend but they are storing up trouble,” physical therapist Sammy Margos told the Express. “We have seen a huge increase in shoulder and neck problems and killer heels can add to the pressure on posture. We have seen handbags which weighed a huge 1½ stone [21 pounds]. It can cause repetitive strain injury and pain in the shoulder and neck.”

Victoria Beckham is in no way responsible for this trend, women have been carrying their purses in the crooks of their elbows since before she was even born, but she sure has made the notion “chic” again.

How do you carry your purse?

Photo Credit: Getty Images