The Different Types Of 'That Girl' Every Girl Has Been At Some Point In Her Lifetime

by Elite Daily Staff

Let’s face it: we’re not above making fun of our own stereotypes. Call it another dimwitted list or call it the utmost form of self-awareness -- we know we’ve behaved in these ways and we’re here to laugh about it now.

Whether you are that girl, know that girl or have been that girl -- one thing is true: We love you for whatever it is that you are.

Here are the different types of "that girl" that every girl has either encountered or been within her lifetime.

That girl on her cell phone

With real threats in this world, like human overpopulation, there is nothing more wasteful than the girl who is dead space. If the people around you aren’t as stimulating as what everyone else is doing on Instagram, then be courteous to your party and leave. Cell phones, like dildos, are personal adult toys meant to be enjoyed in private.

That girl who plays dumb when she flirts

Barring any gentlemen who genuinely are that stupid and must be engaged accordingly, it’s not the "cool thing" anymore to dumb yourself down to charm guys. Smart is sexy; slow requires patience. We turn down for nothing.

That girl who needs to be carried out of the club

“Okay, in our defense it only happens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so like, sorry for partying or whatever,” said every girl before she started working full-time. Nowadays it’s way more in style to be carried out of a sample sale for throwing elblows over a Proenza Schouler bag. Priorities change as you get older.

That girl who is obsessed with her boyfriend

Maybe we’d like him more if you talked about him less.

That girl who takes over the dance floor

Guilty. As. Charged. When you have moves this good, you just can’t keep them to yourself.

That girl who tries too hard

This is so fun to watch in action; we just can’t help but totally love this girl. Keep doing you, lady. Eventually we realize we don’t need to try to be anything but our best.

That girl who totally kisses ass

We’re not jealous that you’re getting ahead, we’re jealous that your mouth gets so much exercise.

That girl with dicks in her eyes

She’s got a new boyfriend every week and it’s harder to keep up with than an ABC primetime drama. This girl isn’t shy about what she wants -- you gotta respect her for that.

That girl who doesn’t stop talking

It can be really endearing when it’s not really annoying... or at least this is what I tell myself after a slightly horrifying 20 minute ramble to my first date about our cult obsession with hair. No dice.

That girl who doesn’t smoke

...And then makes it her business to pot-shame every other person who does. If you have a problem with a joint then check out your arthritis. Oooh, psych!

That girl wearing a beanie like it’s life changing

You are not better’n’me because you know how to man-handle a hat, okay? That’s also spending a lot of money to look homeless, just sayin’.

THAT girl that everyone is staring at

Who said being that golden girl was a bad thing? When we’re fresh off the runway, we’re going to turn heads.