The Wage Gap Even Affects Kids: Boys Get More Allowance Than Girls

by Katie Gonzalez

You might be thinking the wage gap applies to women only in corporate environments, but sadly this is not the case — an unequal payout even applies to male and female siblings, who are paid different amounts in their parent-approved allowance.

Despite the fact that young girls do two hours more housework a week than young boys, these little women are less likely even to get an allowance from mom and dad.

According to a survey conducted by Junior Achievement, almost 70 percent of boys said they are paid an allowance, compared to only 60 percent of girls.

And it's not just that parents are less likely to pay their daughters entirely, they also tend to pay them less in general; the survey also found that for an average 2.1 hours of housework, boys are paid $48 a week.

Girls, on the other hand, put in 2.7 hours of work, and make even less — just $45 dollars.

With stats like these, it's no wonder that these girls grow into women who don't know how to negotiate a salary, advocate for a promotion or demand equal wages for equal work.

Not only does asking girls to perform more household tasks reinforce gendered notions of "acceptable" behavior, but it's clearly negatively impacting how these females view their own worth later in life, and especially in the workplace.

H/T: Think Progress, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It