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The 8 Types Of Ride Or Die Chicks Every Girl Wants In Her Weekend Crew


Riding solo is fun, but rolling in the deep is always so much better. The main ingredient to any successful venture out always begins and ends with the crew.

Mix the right blend of people together, with each member of the group knowing her exact role, and you’ve got the toast to your night.

The staples of your partying crew are the ones who make the difference between going home and eating pizza, and going to the 24-hour diner and eating breakfast after the club.

You can’t shine if you don’t have the posse to back you up. Here’s the who’s who of your Saturday Night Crew:

The Social Chair

She’s the girl who steps up to make the game plan while the rest of you are prematurely drinking and applying makeup. The night would not run as smoothly without this girl to call the shots and share the cool spots.

She’s frequently in touch with the other Social Chairs of your outside friend groups, so it’s no surprise when you receive a text message on Thursday evening with the group’s itinerary of weekend events. Amen to the girl who steps up for the rest of the team.

The Cincher

The Cincher is the girl who knows all the right people. You can thank her for getting your rolling-deep crew into the toughest locations citywide. Her phonebook is one of the most coveted in the group, as she’s got the promoter, bartender, dudes for the pregame and even the pizza guy on speed dial.

The Cincher is even friends with the bathroom attendant from the one time she drunkenly tipped a twenty instead of a five.

While you and your gals are getting "Drunk in Love," The Cincher can be spotted making besties with the bouncer outside. You know better than to interrupt her, though. She’s just looking out for next time.

The Chaperone

She’s the girl who will go to the bathroom with you right after you enter the club. She’s the go-to-gal when you need someone to stand with you on the coat check line while all your other friends pile inside.

The Chaperone possesses maternal qualities as well; she’ll always take care of the sick one, remain calm when someone accosts the bouncer and ensure everyone cabs home. She says things like, “Text me when you get home!” just to be safe.

The Life of The Party

This is the girl who can always be seen with a bottle in her hand -- whether it’s bringing one to the hostess or chugging straight at the bar. She doesn’t just go out; she goes wild. It’s not uncommon for her to still be wearing sunglasses to work on Monday.

As her title suggests, she’s The Life of The Party and the one to bring up the mood. Stuck freezing waiting outside? She’ll turn the line into a rap-off. Squeezing more than four in the cab? She’ll chat up the driver and take the reins on the radio.

The Thirsty Chick

The Thirsty Chick can always be counted on to wear a suggestive outfit and dick-hungry smile. She will take one for the team and lock down the guys for everyone to flirt with.

She totally ups your crew’s standing with the promoter and half the men inside, too, since she’s hooked up with them all. When you really want to close with a guy, but are debating what the right move is, she’s the girl coaching you through it.

The Softie

The Softie is always down to leave if you’re bored (not if you’re too intoxicated, though; that’s The Chaperone’s job). She says things like, “I can’t drink too much because I have work early tomorrow,” but still ends up getting smashed.

Don’t get it twisted; her drinking is just to withstand the company she finds painfully miserable. She’s is “ready to leave whenever” because she’s secretly wanted to leave the whole time.

The Elbow Thrower

The Elbow Thrower isn’t afraid to escalate things when the bouncer turns you girls down or when the cab driver refuses to squeeze five.

Going to the bathroom with her is like having Teresa Guidice of “Real Housewives” on your arm: She’s always unpredictable, and you never know if she’s going to assault another girl on line for hogging the sink. Why do you want such an aggressive lady on your team?

She’s also the girl who will fend off the losers trying to dance with you, relocate your crew to the front, and elbow her way to make room for all eight of you at the packed bar.

The Wingman

No night out would be complete without the classic wingman, the girl who is always in and down for anything. When all the other team members are in full-force and on the prowl, she’s the one to keep the group level-headed.

At a big, rowdy dinner, she reminds the crew that we’re all being really obnoxiously loud and need to recalibrate our raucous.

She’s spectacular in the true-blue friend kind of way. Case in point: The next morning, at 7 am when you’re sneaking out of that dude’s apartment heinously early, she’ll be the one up to recap with in bed over bagels.