The 4 Besties Every 20-Something Woman Needs In Her Life

As all girls know, the chemistry of a friend group is a precarious thing.

You need a careful mix of people, all with different personalities, interests and quirks, to keep things fun and in balance. Whether you feel like baking heart-shaped cupcakes or jetting off to Sin City, it's nice to have a partner in crime ready to join you.

Here are the four best friends every girl needs in her life:

1. The Second Mom

This is the friend who keeps you out of trouble, or at least puts forth a valiant effort. She’s the one who knows how to cook, who cuts coupons out of the newspaper and has already discussed finances with her boyfriend.

The second mom will take care of you when you’re sick, remind you to pay your electric bill on time and will always let you know when you’re being a complete ass in public.

Just like your real mom, the second mom is usually always right and gives it to you straight, even when it might not be exactly what you want to hear. Like when that dress you're wearing should actually be worn as a shirt. Yeah, we've all been there.

2. The Up-For-Anything Party Animal

When you feel like ripping tequila shots in a bathroom bar stall, it’s best not to do it alone. That’s when this friend comes into play. Going out on a Tuesday? No problem. Random concert on a sketchy side of town? Sure thing. Crop tops and printed leggings? All day, erry day.

The up-for-anything friend is, literally, always up for anything. When you feel like being spontaneous, this girl is never more than a text message (or a Snapchat) away. Having someone around who always goes with the flow and naturally seeks out a good time makes the crazy adventures in life that much crazier.

3. The Travel Partner

Similar to the up-for-anything gal, this friend loves to travel, even in a moment's notice. What sets her apart is her ability to organize details, execute plans, read maps and do it as if it were all just an afterthought. Bonus points if she speaks multiple languages.

The travel partner is easy to talk to; she carries great conversations but also knows when it’s okay to just shut up and be silent. This comes in handy on long road trips when everyone in the car no longer feels like having human interaction.

Fun fact: The travel partner packs hands-down the best snack bags and has an affinity for well-crafted playlists.

4. The Queen of Good Advice

The queen of good advice knows just what to say and when to say it. This friend is like a library full of secrets. Everyone feels like they can open up to her and trust her with their deepest, craziest issues.

Wiser than her years, this friend is very mature and has the ability to calm even the most high-strung, hyper-anxious of us all. The queen’s advice not only makes you feel better, but also has a way of putting life into perspective, reminding you that your problems aren’t so big and bad after all.

Photo via HBO/Girls