Terry Richardson's Untouched Photos Of Mariah Carey Show How Much They've Been Edited

We all know what Photoshopping's purpose is — to virtually nip and tuck at even the slimmest celebrities — but it's still surprising when we see the before-and-after results.

The latest reveal is a photo of Mariah Carey, standing with photographer and maybe world's biggest creep Terri Richardson.

There are also a number of other photos of Carey shot by Richardson (including one with her two children, who thankfully weren't retouched) for Wonderland magazine's summer issue that have clearly been altered.

The most noticeable difference in all the images is how they're super color-corrected. Even with Carey's tan, her color is darkened and even eye shadow is added in to give the singer the glow she's already so known for.

And in an unsurprising move, every doctored photo of the singer features her with a significantly smaller waistline and smoother stomach, with a suspiciously larger chest.

It's not like Mariah needs any additional curves, but clearly this photo editor is a fan of the phrase "bigger is better" — when it comes to the right body parts, of course.

Another noticeable (but inexplicable) change in the before-and-after images is Mariah Carey's wrists, which appear to have been slimmed down — because the true mark of being skinny is stick-like wrists?

via Jezebel, Photo Courtesy: Terry's Diary