Teenage Girl Managed To Get Stuck In Drain While Trying To Retrieve Her iPhone (Photos)

Chalk it up to the dumb sh*t we do for our iPhones.

When 16-year-old Ella-Anne Birchenough dropped her phone down a sewage drain, she did the only rational thing to her over-stimulated teenage brain and dove in after it.

Birchenough lowered herself into the drain, trying to pick up the phone with her feet. But, alas, she soon realized she was stuck with half her body above ground.

Emergency services had to be called to help pull her out. Birchenough was successfully hauled to safety 10 minutes later, but not before providing fodder for some seriously hilarious Instagram pics.

Her neighbors and friends have since been totally (and understandably) unsupportive, making fun of her for getting into the drain in the first place.

"I was scared she might sink. I ran out the house, turned the corner — but as soon as I saw her I burst out laughing."

Although Birchenough came out unscathed, sadly the phone — which had been purchased just two weeks earlier — was "ruined."

via Daily Mail