Teen Clothing Brand May Affect Body Images By Only Offering Size Small

If you're skinny, white and you know it, clap your hands. You are the target consumer for Italian teen clothing label Brandy Melville, which only sells one size.

As the clothing brand becomes a status symbol for teenage girls across the country, body image activists are scared the brand will encourage girls to try any means of achieving a thinner body.

The "one size fits most" clothing, heavy on the crop tops and cutoffs, does not actually fit the majority of teenagers. Reportedly, the sizes are closest to a 0 or 2 in traditional clothing.

Arguably, the idea of an exclusively thin store isn't problematic (we have exclusively plus-sized stores, too), but the label has become more than just clothing.

It's becoming the line between the cool, California-esque girls and those who don't fit the Brandy Melville mold.

To look at the Brandy Melville Instagram, you'd think the world is entirely made of thin, leggy, white girls shot in hazy lighting. There's no effort to represent any other race, age or style.

The controversy comes down to this: Brandy Melville's target is one very specific type of girl. Is that problematic, or is it OK to have specialty stores? Only time will tell as consumers vote with their dollars.

This is the Brandy Melville team:

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Instagram