Target Does Women's Plus-Sized Clothing Right With New Collection

Though many are excited for Target’s upcoming designer collaboration with luxury prep brand Lilly Pulitzer, one group is decidedly not so thrilled: Those who identify as plus-sized.

After announcing the launch, Target confirmed plus-sized gear from the collection would be available online only; effectively ostracizing an entire population from participating in the in-store shopping experience.

Damage control ensued, and now the beloved retailer is set to win back hearts of curvalicious ladies with the launch of a killer new plus-sized line, Ava & Viv. 

Designed by Target’s in-house design team, Ava & Viv will offer trend-driven, affordable garments ranging in price from $10 to $80.

According to Target’s Senior Vice President, Stacia Andersen,

We’re stepping up our fashion game for our plus-size guests. From stylish original prints to the attention to detail and fit, this line is meant to impress.

The inaugural collection will hit stores in February and new styles will be introduced monthly following the launch.

To celebrate Ava & Viv’s upcoming launch, Target recruited plus-sized fashion bloggers Nicolette Mason, Chastity Garner and Gabi Gregg to model the line for the Spring Lookbook (which will be released here tomorrow) and offer suggestions and feedback on the currently-in-process fall designs.

Mason — who is also a contributing editor for Marie Claire — praised Target, noting:

It’s really wonderful, as a consumer, to know that a brand is listening.

And they totally are. One of the biggest complaints about plus-sized clothes tends to revolve around their aesthetics.

It’s not uncommon for plus-sized garments to be duller and more modest than their straight-sized counterparts.

Ava & Viv breaks the mold by offering bright, colorful pieces for, as Mason says, “the girl who wants to be seen, who wants to be noticed and have fun with her clothes.”

And really, isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Check out the video to get a sneak peek of some of the collection’s coolest designs and for a behind-the-scenes look at the gorgeous photo shoot.