17 Reasons I'm Tall And Will Wear Heels And You Need To STFU About It

by Alexia LaFata

The next time you go to a bar, look around carefully. Survey the cluster of people huddled in front of the bartender, in the corner or by the DJ booth, and try to distinguish one person from another.

It's impossible, isn't it? It's always too dark, so individual faces and identities are always blurred. There's always too much pushing, so even when you do think you've found someone, they immediately get lost in the sea of the crowd.

Everyone just becomes morphed together into one single blob of desperate bar-hoppers, making it way too difficult to find anyone -- except, well, me.

If you look around a crowded bar, you'll probably find me because I, at 5'9'', am probably wearing heels that make me well over 6'2'', which means I tower over every single person in the room, including ex-football players and Dutch men.

I'm a tall girl. And I know there are girls out there who are naturally six feet and above who will say 5'9'' isn't tall, but to those girls I say: You are wrong.

For a woman, 5'9'' is significantly taller than average, exemplified by the fact that I feel like a jolly green giant whenever I speak to men who all appear to be shrinking at exponential rates.

Self-deprecating humor aside, I really like my height. And I really like all the perks that come with it. When you're tall, people always tell you you should model, no matter how much your body type might not be fit for modeling, and that's super flattering.

There's one consistently negative thing people do tell me regarding my height, though. It involves asking me why I wear heels.

Through the words they use to outright question me about it or the facial expressions they employ to look me up and down distastefully, it's so obvious they don't approve. They think I'm crazy for purposely making myself even taller than I already am.

Or perhaps they feel insecure because I now dominate the attention of anyone who looks our way.

I realize with great height comes great responsibility -- at least that's what the famous quote should say -- but I'd like you to kindly STFU about my love for my heels because I will never, ever stop wearing them.

1. Because I like the literal proof that I’m a bigger person than you.

I don't criticize you for your outfit choices, so don't criticize me for mine.

2. Because I don't care about being "petite" or "tiny."

That ship sailed a long time ago. I'll never be "little" or "cute," with or without heels, and I'm okay with that.

3. Because heels make everything look good.

If I can dress anything up with heels, why wouldn't I? I have just as much of a right to spice up an outfit as anyone else who's shorter than me does.

4. Because it shows confidence.

There's nothing more attractive than working what you've got. If I'm tall, you bet your ass I'm not going to hide it. I'm going to heighten it instead.

5. Because it will attract more confident people.

If you don't mind being towered over or matched in height by a tall woman in heels, you're secure in yourself, and I want to befriend you and/or date you.

6. Because I don't dress for men.

I dress for me because it's way more fun.

7. Because a man should be proud of having the center of attention on his arm.

When I walk into a room, I will be stared at because seeing such a tall female is unexpected. A real man isn't uncomfortable with this; he loves it.

8. Because if my height intimidates a man, I don't want to talk to him anyway.

He's not worthy of my time in the first place.

9. Because I don't think making myself small should make me more attractive.

We live in a world in which women are expected to shrink and men are welcomed to take up more space. And, well, I'm here to counter that.

10. Because heels make my legs, which are already long, look even longer and more amazing.

I’d rather highlight than hide my best features.

11. Because wearing heels makes it easier to find my friends in a crowd.

When I'm in my heels, I'm not zigzagging aimlessly through a crowded room and pushing past sweaty armpits like the rest of you. I can spot my friends easily and make my way to them in seconds without even craning my neck.

12. Because I like my shoes to be as sharp as my words.

I want my appearance to match my wit.

13. Because I can hold my own in a group of models.

Just ask Taylor Swift in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

14. Because I don't want to tailor my jeans.

I always need to buy jeans with long inseams, but sometimes the inseams are just a tiny bit too long. Or, on the other hand, sometimes my jeans are way too short and look stupid with flats.

The perfect solution? Wear heels. They fix everything.

15. Because I choose looking good over making you feel comfortable.

This is an easy decision.

16. Because I'm well-balanced.

Both literally on my heels and metaphorically in my life.

17. Because I’m not afraid to stand up or stand out.

I embrace every inch of me.