Swedish Mannequins Are Causing A Stir

We’re all familiar with mannequins. Thin and ‘beautiful’ (?) plastic model figures displaying what you should be wearing are common in every store, so why are certain mannequins in Sweden causing such a stir.

Swedish department store Ahlens have been under fire for displaying plus sized mannequin models in their department stores. Of course, we must remember that today’s definition of ‘plus-sized’ simply means ‘what everyone in the world looks like’, so why is this such a problem? Shouldn’t this practice be encouraged?

Today’s Woman, and Australian publication says that the mannequins are sizes 12 and 16. In an attempt to make an impact in the industry, Today’s Woman is asking their Facebook fans to “like” and “share” the photo of these mannequins, to try and send a message to the world’s retailers.

According to ABC News, the average store mannequin is a size 4 or 6, which is not the majority of women in the world’s sizes. Do you think more stores should feature ‘plus sized’ mannequins?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images