This Quiz Will Tell You If You're In A Personal Style Rut

I woke up this morning with only one thought: I have nothing to wear.

I mean, that's not technically true. I have more clothes than most people. After a recent closet cleaning session, I discovered I had eight gray V-neck tees alone -- I just didn't want to wear any of them.

It's partially a seasonal thing. When the weather was finally consistently hot and I took out my summer clothes, I realized I hated everything I'd accumulated over the past couple of years. Of the things that fit me, nothing seemed good enough. Nothing felt inherently “me” any more.

I figured the remedy was to go shopping. But, no matter which store I visited, I couldn't find anything I liked. I was picking out the same stuff I already didn't want to wear. I was in a style rut, and didn't know how to get out of it.

While I haven't totally clambered out of my rut yet, I'm definitely trying.

If you think you're in a rut, this quiz will save your life. Or motivate you to go shopping. Either way, you win.