Study: Sleep With Your Ex, Relieve Your Stress

Remember all the times your friends and family warned you to steer clear of your ex? Remember all the times when you did the exact opposite and had sex with your ex, instead?

Well, you may have had the right idea. According to Daily Mail, a new study done at the University of Arizona has found that sleeping with an old “lover” can help to ease stress.

Part of me thinks this study was just done by a bunch of people who want an excuse to sleep with their exes because they have nobody else to sleep with, but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

According to the study, casual ‘ex-sex’ can “ease the pain of a split.” The researchers surveyed a group of 137 divorced adults regarding whether or not they have engaged in post-breakup sex.

Almost one-fifth of those surveyed have had sex with their exes. Those who weren’t over the relationship said it helped ease the pain, and those who were over it, said the sex made no difference in how they felt about the breakup. Basically, it’s a win-win!!

Psychologists explain that post-breakup sex fills the void we are left with and provides security and closure. Maybe people who believe ‘ex-sex’ helps to ease the pain are just desperate to be a part of their ex’s life any way they can, even if it’s just as a slampiece.

Or maybe women just miss having sex with men who actually know what they want.

Via Daily Mail, Photo via Tumblr