Forget Hot Yoga, This Naked Yoga Class Is The Ultimate Way To Get Your Namaste On

Finally, a yoga class that will really, er, turn you on to exercise!

NYC's Bold & Naked Chelsea yoga studio offers special nude instruction for those who want to learn the practice totally unencumbered.

"While many equate being naked with sex, this couldn't be further from the truth in a naked yoga class. It's about being comfortable in your own skin and the amazing confidence that comes with it," a note on the website writes.

Indeed, proponents of nude yoga appreciate the freedom of not being concerned with what clothes you're wearing or how you look wearing them. When everyone is naked it feels like we're all the same, and it's one sure way to become more comfortable and content in your own skin.

What happens when someone gets a little too excited about their Warrior One?

The studio says that erections during the class do occur, but rarely.

Apparently, yoga moves so much energy through the body that, while a full erection is possible, it's hard to sustain -- another reason you should date a yoga chick, she'll help you maintain your tree pose.

Hmm, this naked yoga class might be something we could, ahem, get into.

But the Bold & Naked studio is quick to warn yogis that none of this body-to-body contact is meant as,

"sexual touching and should any contact of sexual nature occur, it will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member being asked to leave."

You might not orgasm, but you'll still leave with a happy ending.

H/T: Philly, Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr