The Strive To Be Thin Causes Weight Gain

We’re living in a society where a size 4 is now a size 2 and a size 2 is now a size 0. Women and teenage girls everywhere crave being thin, and I blame the media, as do a multitude of other critics.

A new study conducted by researchers at he Tilsburg University in the Netherlands shows that aspiring to look like these stick thin models can actually cause you to gain weight.

The study consisted of researchers giving female volunteers food journals. Half of the journals had a logo featuring a model, of the ultra-thin variety, while the other journals bore a more neutral looking woman.

The women with the neutral woman model on their journals lost weight, while the women with the thin woman on their journals gained weight. The study was conducted twice, and the same results repeated themselves.

So why did the women following the thinner women gain weight, when they were striving to look just as thin? Researchers believe that seeing the ultra-thin model’s body is a motivation killer.

This study is essential and should be taught to young girls everywhere. It proves that it’s better, and more effective, to try and lose weight to look healthy and not to lose weight to look unhealthy.

Ally | Elite.