Everything You Need In Your Going Out Bag For An Unexpected "Sleepover"

Imagine this scenario: You wake up in some random person's apartment and realize, sh*t, you still have to go to work.

You need to make it home looking at least somewhat presentable (#roommates), but your hair is tangled in a halo-like reminder of the night before, and your eyeliner is smudged around your lids like a zombie.

We’ve all been there.

While it’s popularized as a “walk of shame,” we believe there’s absolutely nothing shameful about it. (Stride of pride, anyone?) You got some much-needed action, and whether you plan to see your sleepover buddy again or not, that’s something worth celebrating.

In fact, if you’re not doing the Joseph Gordon-Levitt dance from “500 Days of Summer” on your way home, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

The one drawback? They will be entirely useless when it comes to looking like a real, functioning human being in the morning.

In this scenario, you have to be proactive and prepare yourself for the worst. Sure, you probably already have a lipstick or spare charger in your clutch from the night before. But if you’re planning on spending the night, you have to really get your sh*t together. Some of us can't afford to hide our shame in a taxi ride home.

What You'll Need:

Hair ties: Unless you want to go out in public looking like Marge Simpson, bring a tie or two to keep that mane under control. If you have a bigger clutch, bring a travel-sized comb or brush to work through your tangles. Don’t expect the guy to have a spare 'No More Tangles' chilling in his bathroom.

Lipstick: It's very likely your lipstick is all over his pillowcase. Bring another tube that matches your natural lip color so you can’t f*ck up when you apply it in his dimly-lit bathroom.

Spare undies: Yours are either ripped, covered in all sorts of bodily fluids or dirty AF. Just bring an extra pair, they hardly take up room in your purse anyway.

Eyedrops: A couple of drops will erase all the evidence and make you look like you got more than 20 minutes of sleep.

Rollerball: You smell like sex, body odor and the sheets he probably hasn’t washed since his mom visited for Memorial Day. Spritz on a compact rollerball perfume and smell like a human again.

Roll-Up Flats: Don’t be one of those girls waving their heels in the air, walking barefoot down the street to hail a cab. It wasn’t cute at prom and it’s not cute now. A roll-up pair will save your ass, ankles and whatever else.

Advil: Kill that hangover before you get home to your roommate, who’s bound to ask you more questions than you feel like answering.