Store Charges Women Less Than Men To Raise Awareness About Wage Gap

It's a well-known fact many companies pay women less than they do men, regardless of position, skill level or education.

Recent US statistics show, on average, women make just 78 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts — that's nearly a quarter less.

To protest the wage gap, one Pittsburgh-based pop-up shop charges female customers less than male customers with its new “pay what you're paid” initiative.

The not-for-profit shop sells artisan goods from an all-female roster of independent designers and artists throughout the country. Offerings include textiles, art prints, ceramics and other products.

While male customers must pay full ticket price for the artisan goods, women receive a 24 percent discount, reflecting Pennsylvania's average wage gap percentage.

Owner Elana Schlenker told Refinery29,

I hope the shop's pricing helps to underscore this inherent unfairness and to create space for people to consider why the wage gap still exists. It's incredible how deep unconscious biases still permeate the ways in which we perceive (and value) women versus men. This is a small way that I can do something about it...

Schlenker will be moving the shop around the country, modifying pricing as she goes to reflect local wage gaps.

Since it's non-profit (all of the proceeds are given to the artists and makers), Schlenker relies on donations to pay for overhead costs; you can donate (and learn more about her incredible mission) here.

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