Stop Staring: 5 Gym Struggles Women Are Sick Of Dealing With

The new phenomenon of “strong is the new sexy” is one of the best advances we, ladies, have done for ourselves.

Gone are the days of “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” as we have learned that peanut butter and protein certainly taste and feel better.

We've also traded bones for buff and getting toned has become priority number one at the gym.

As a seasoned gym dweller, it makes me so happy to see fewer women casually walking on the Stairmaster and more women pumping some serious iron.

More women are hopping off the treadmills and claiming some space on the weight floor next to the guys.

Although the gym is a great place for both men and women, there are some struggles we, ladies, face when we're there:

Unwanted attention

I know some women go to the gym to pick up guys, which is evident based on their wardrobe choices and the fact that they don’t break a sweat walking on the treadmill while they're glued to their phones. Good for them.

I, however, came because I genuinely enjoy exercising, taking care of my body and getting stronger.

It’s really annoying when a guy tries to strike up a conversation while you’re gasping for breath and sweating in ways you previously didn't know were possible.

Apparently the lack of makeup and complete disregard for physical appearance is not always a deterrent.

Awkward exercises

Certain exercises become uncomfortable and accidentally sexual when you’re a woman.

While doing deadlifts, squats and other lower-body exercises, it’s hard not to look like you’re showing off your butt (or maybe you are… in that case, right on girl).

Other machines were not made for boobs and trying to re-adjust can look like you’re fondling yourself.

Stretching can also become very awkward very quickly if you realize your shorts are not as tight, or long, as you initially thought they were.

Don't even get me started on the unwanted bouncing (i.e., when running or spin class becomes "Baywatch").

Not being taken seriously

Women lift, too, so we need our mirror space just as much as the guy lifting what appears to be a boulder.

I can’t even count how many times a guy has set up his weights in front of me so he can ogle himself in the mirror.

It seems as if they assume I’m lost and don’t notice I’m bent over, panting in front of a set of weights. That's not the case; I also want to check out my lats while I lift, bro. Step aside.

Wardrobe malfunctions

Workout clothes are tight and often need readjustment, which is awkward when dudes, who are lifting weights that look more like bowling balls, surround you.

Lifting also leads to an unfortunate phenomenon where your top area starts to signal you’re "cold."

Whether it’s the friction or something else, having your headlights turn on at the gym is beyond uncomfortable.

The locker room

I always try to give myself at least an additional 15 minutes before and after a workout due to inevitable unforeseen obstacles in the women’s locker room.

If you happen to go when every other woman in the area decided to go, the locker room becomes a bizarre obstacle course.

Dodging flying, sweaty sports bras and avoiding a blow dryer to the face are just some of the issues you'll face when you're just trying to get to your locker.

Combine that with waiting in a microscopic towel for a shower, trying to get dressed without butt-bumping anyone and then trying to squeeze in for some mirror space, and you'll be more exhausted from trying to leave the gym than you are from your workout.