#StopCensoringMotherhood Looks To End Instagram's Hypocritical Censorship Of Moms

by Katie Gonzalez

We all know that Instagram has been avid at trying to keep nudity off its site — much to the dismay of @badgalriri (and her diamond-encrusted nipples).

But while we understand harmful (or just plain inappropriate) censorship, it seems like motherhood is something that shouldn't be banned from these social media sharing sites.

The 4th Trimester Bodies Project, however, as a site that seeks to highlight the real bodies of women who have gone through pregnancy — stretch marks, scars, and all — has been deemed not Instagram or Facebook-friendly enough.

After cofounder Ashlee Wells Jackson posted photos of women, many of them nearly-naked, with their newborn babies from the project, Instagram shut her account down a total of nine times.

She's similarly been met with an icy reception from Facebook, having been locked out of her page a number of times, totaling around 100 days of no-access.

Jackson understandably takes issue with that fact that while many models post near-nude photos of their taut bodies in bikinis or lingerie, her images of imperfect post-pregnancy bodies are deemed "inappropriate" for sharing.

Photos of women breastfeeding (wearing bathingsuits so no nipples or genitalia were shown) that were flagged by site administrators particularly angered Jackson, who is now hoping to popularize the hashtag, #StopCensoringMotherhood to show other women why it's important that we all have access to these very real, and oftentimes really moving, photos of new moms.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: 4th Trimester Bodies Project