Don't Flake Out: 3 Steps For Maintaining Healthy Skin During The Winter

From frigid temperatures to extreme indoor heat, your skin can bear the brunt of the season's brutal environmental assaults.

If your skin is looking a bit parched these days, don’t flake out.

I beelined it to G2O Spa to see expert esthetician Gina Hernandez for the secret tricks of the trade on how to quench your skins thirst.

Lucky for you, I'm telling:

1. That's A Wrap

Looking for skin that's both radiant and soft to the touch? Get wrapped up in a body wrap.

Carefully balanced to both cleanse and replenish, body wrap treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin.

Using seaweed from the seas of France, Gina told me this purifying treatment detoxifies the body, while restoring the skin's tone and vitality by drawing out toxins.

Gina finished my treatment with lymphatic drainage to enhance detoxification, boost circulation and promote overall slimming and toning effects.

2. Glow On, Girl

Think facials are just for women who love to be pampered? Think again.

If done regularly while you're still in your early 20s, they can prevent premature wrinkles, sun damage and aging.

Not sure where to begin? Let me be your guide.

After a skin consult, Gina started by applying a Pumpkin Peptide Polish to my face to exfoliate skin cells, provide antioxidant support and stimulate collagen activity, leaving my skin feeling smooth and looking bright.

Next, Gia helped me get my glow on with the use of LED (light emitting diode), which helps target common skin problems such as blemishes, redness and uneven pigmentation by stimulating new cell growth.

Hoping to glow on the go? Searching for a "lit from within" look?

Join the club.

After going through more products than I'd like to admit, I think I've finally found the glow solution: Vitamin C.

My recommendations?

Aside from binge-eating oranges and carrots, reach for a serum with L-ascorbic acid, a form of Vitamin C that effectively facilitates the biosynthesis of collagen, thereby promoting skin elasticity to protect from free-radical damage and to brighten the skin and make it look more radiant.

An über concentrated serum that will make my skin glow beautifully? Um, yes please.

My pick? Blue Mercury's m-61 Vitablast C Serum.

3. Nailed It

Treat your hands and feet.

Cracked heels and dry feet are common in the cold winter months, so try out a deluxe manicure at the spa to restore moisture.

This full service pedicure includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation, a moisture wrap, nail grooming and massage.

Conclude this relaxing experience with a natural nail buffing or a bright polish application of your choice for a look that is sure to start your winter off on the right foot.

Happy spa-ing!