The Unusual Exercises These States Are Most Likely To Partake In

If you work out without sharing it on social media, did you even burn calories?

We're increasingly dependent on staying in touch with friends and followers no matter what we're doing, so it only makes sense we're likely to describe our exercise plan in 140 characters on Twitter. analyzed trends from more than 300,000 tweets, tracking mentions of athletics outside of the ordinary. That means football, soccer, basketball and other mainstream sports weren't included for fear of skewing the results too dramatically.

Surprised by the most popular activities mentioned by each state, we dug a little deeper into the most interesting trends. Here is the athletic activity your state can't stop bragging about:

Vermont takes it to the slopes.

Robert Rodriguez

Everybody loves a winter getaway, but most of the country would rather sip on hot cocoa in a chalet than strap on those ski boots. In Vermont, residents don't even fear the cold. They're in it for the "pow."

Illinois blows past you on the race course.

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The Windy City is a fantastic place to live, assuming those gusts are at your back. In Illinois, the young and fit are most likely to partake in marathons.

The only thing better than crossing the finish line is tweeting a picture of it to 1,000 of your proud followers.

Florida kills time in the swamps.

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The only people having fun in Florida are clubgoers in Miami and those past 65. For everyone else, the open water and a few cold brews pass the time while waiting for fish to bite. Bonus points if you live tweet it.

Alaska, paddle away from bears.

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Alaska is well-known for its outdoorsy scene but residents prefer to do more than just shiver inside enormous coats. The state's civilians are proudly tweeting about their dedication to swimming, though we imagine it's more likely to be indoors than out. Stay warm, Alaskans!

Colorado is as high as the Rocky Mountains.

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In Colorado, only two things matter: weed and the great outdoors. Locals love to tweet about hiking exploits. We guess the buzz they're feeling doesn't exactly come from the high altitude.

California perfects its down-dogs.

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All that Vitamin D from sunny skies has residents doing more than just embracing good vibrations — they're stretching out on the yoga mat as well. It's not just exercise that's important, but the hottest studio and most Instagrammable venue as well.