5 Crucial Pieces You Need Now To Transition From Winter To Spring

by Sheena Sharma

April is almost here, and SPRING is finally upon us. Besides autumn, spring is my favorite season. I love transitional seasons because they give you so much room to experiment with what's in your closet; in winter, you're limited to chunky sweaters and pants, and summer calls for long, breezy maxi skirts and tube tops. But in spring, you can rock a chunky sweater with a maxi skirt, and there's something beautifully liberating about that.

I've already gotten my spring cleaning (both home and dating life) out of the way, and thankfully, I found a bunch of seasonal crossover pieces I already own hiding in the back of my closet, and I put them front and center.

Ladies, I give you five CRUCIAL pieces you need in the upcoming weeks as we transition from winter to spring.

For warm daytime: kimono

Celine Rahman

A friend of mine encouraged me to buy a kimono last summer. I told her to f*ck off, because there's no way I'd be ballsy enough to rock something that makes such a statement. I ended up purchasing it, and to this day, it's one of the most versatile and unique pieces in my entire wardrobe (and I have a pretty big wardrobe).

The kimono is light and great for when it's too warm out for a jacket. In my opinion, spring kimonos should do the talking, so you should go for one that's colorful or has intricate designs or patterns. My kimono is silk and even has a bit of fringe.

Since the kimono is the focus of your outfit, go easy on everything else. I pair mine with an all-black ensemble: a blank tank with J Brand Maria skinny jeans and black Madewell booties. For a more formal daytime or evening occasion, you can throw your kimono over an LBD and be the one slaying the most at the party.

The kimono I'm wearing in this picture is from Anthropologie, but you can get one pretty much anywhere. I like this simple but chic Nasty Gal one.

For wine night in with the girls: oversized sweatshirt

Celine Rahman

It was Kourtney Kardashian who inspired me to rock an oversized men's sweatshirt with over-the-knee boots, and boy am I glad she did. This is one of my favorite outfits for when I'm hungover, super-tired or just want to chill.

It's comfy-chic -- so it's every girl's dream -- and it's another one of those great spring outfits for when it's still chilly enough for a sweatshirt but warm enough to show some leg.

The key to pulling off an oversized sweatshirt and not looking like a total slob, though, is to put some effort into another area of the outfit, which is where the boots come in. I love the look of a long sweatshirt and long boots because you're still baring thigh, which is low-key sexy (aka the best kind of sexy).

The sweatshirt I'm wearing here is from Forever 21, and the boots are from Zara. I like this similar pair from ASOS.

For date night: velvet skirt

Celine Rahman

I'm kind of a girly girl; I'm a sucker for anything pink and anything velvet, so you can only imagine how in my element I feel when I wear something pink AND velvety. Velvet is a perfect fabric to sport in spring because it kind of feels like someone's giving you a hug, and pink is perfect for date night.

I like to pair mine with kitten heel booties, which is another awesome transitional piece to have in your closet. It's probably still too cold out in spring for open-toed wedges, but it's also not exactly boot weather anymore.

I usually throw on my skirt with this fake fur-collared, black quarter-sleeve top I've had since I was in, like, the fifth grade. The skirt is from Urban Outfitters and I got it forever ago, but this skater dress with a velvet skirt from ASOS is pretty close.

For daytime with a breeze: military jacket with an edge

Celine Rahman

EVERYONE -- men and women -- wears anorak jackets in spring. They're as common as seeing hot moms in leggings at the gym. So it's best to buy a military jacket that has a little something that sets yours apart from the rest of the herd.

Mine has embellishments stitched onto the pockets, and I get compliments on it nearly everywhere I go. The military jacket is perfect for spring because it's not too light and not too heavy, but since it's a little androgynous, I like to balance it out with a pair of heels or a feminine hairstyle, like the fishtail braid.

My jacket is made by BB Dakota. Check them out -- they make a ton of cute, edgy and non-basic military jackets.

For bar-hopping: sweater-knit two-piece

Celine Rahman

This two-piece from Zara is one of my favorite things I own. It's made out of sweater material, but the outfit is a crop top and mini skirt. I'm obsessed with sweater-knit outfit sets because you can wear them in every season: tights in winter and fall, sans tights in summer and spring (but maybe with a leather or denim jacket during the breezy and rainy spring weeks). The sweater material is what makes the entire set so adaptable -- plus, crop tops are the best.

This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you're going, but I think it's the perfect outfit to go bar-hopping in. I like to be casual-chic at bars, so I wear mine with Converse sneakers.

Zara and H&M both carry solid two-pieces, so get out there and snag one.

What are your autumn-to-spring go-tos to get you through the awkward transition season?