Social Media Pages In Syria Are Being Used To Sell Refugee Women Into Marriage

In Syria, the situation has gotten so dire that many citizens have become displaced or voluntarily fled their homes out of fear for injury or death.

In fact, a new Facebook page gave evidence to the notion that many refugees' situations are indeed tragic and difficult.

Allegedly, some female Syrian refugees are so desperate to escape their current conditions that they're (presumably) willfully posting photos of themselves online to find marriage.

The Facebook page — "Syrian refugees for marriage" — garnered more than 16,000 likes in less than a week before it was removed from the site.

Still, reports from Arab newspapers indicate that at least one page has emerged with a similar name and theme. This one, however, was modified to include Quranic verse, alleging that these marriages were permissible by Islam.

Some social media users have displayed their disgust with the marriage ploy. One Twitter user, Anjum Anwar wrote, "We are indeed living in a sick world."

Although it's particularly unsettling that some women are resorting to becoming mail-order brides, this phenomenon is truly nothing new.

Way before this creeped onto the social media sphere, many reports indicated that refugee women were being exploited into marriage.

via Al Arabiya, Photo Courtesy: Facebook