19 Miserable Snapchats Girls Send When They Have Their Periods

Marija Mandic

Is there anything worse for a female than having her period? Well, I guess not getting her period would be worse, but that's not the point here.

Periods suck because they never come at a convenient time (like during the week) and they make us want to crawl out of our skin. Plus, you can bet every little thing is going to piss us off.

But what's our favorite thing to do while suffering? Complain, of course!

Thanks to the invention of Snapchat, our complaints have reached a whole different level: Now we can actually put our face to our complaints and send them out for all our female friends to empathize with.

Kind of like this...

1. "I think I'm dying."

Is this what death feels like? Jesus, I can't even imagine what being pregnant must be like.

2. "How can this be natural?"

How can you trust anything that bleeds for this long and doesn't die?

3. "I guess I should at least be thankful there's no real baby up in this uterus."

The only thing worse than getting your period is not getting it. So as much as we love to complain about how sh*tty we feel, the alternative is far, far worse.

4. "F*ck you, Mother Nature."

This is just complete and utter BS. I mean, we don't even have a say in this matter! We didn't chose the cramp life; the cramp life chose us.

5. "Insurance should definitely cover tampons."

A box of tampons costs you more than your lunch. If I can't even afford groceries, how does anyone expect me to afford this necessity? The government should feel our pain and act accordingly.

6. "I don't even know how I feel right now."

I'm hyper-sensitive, starving and angry... I think? I don't even know, I just feel funny and I don't like it.

7. "I can skip the gym, right?"

And I don't even have to feel bad about it? This is amazing! I shall relish this time period every month, so long as it means getting out of hitting the treadmill.

8. "Give me all of the snacks — immediately!"

Is there anything that'll make us feel better? No, probably not, but eating everything we can get our hands on is most definitely a start. Plus, calories don't count on your period.

9. "How the f*ck am I supposed to have sex now?"

Your period: aka the biggest cockblock you'll ever meet. I don't give a sh*t if you have a boyfriend and have been dating for six years, no female is completely comfortable getting it on while menstruating.

10. "I. NEED. MIDOL."

...And a joint and a big ass bar of chocolate!

11. "That's it, I'm never having children."

I don't even want kids, so it's just ridiculous I even have to deal with this! ...At least that's what we tell ourselves every month.

12. "This is bullsh*t."

What did I do in my past life to deserve this type of torture? No, but seriously, is this what karma feels like?

13. "I hate everyone."

Every person I encounter today is worse than the next. I have no patience to deal with this -- especially during this time of the month. Everybody better steer clear of me today, that's for damn sure.

14. "Time to do laundry... again."

Aren't you glad you spend over $20 on underwear?

15. "Why is this Midol not working??!"

This is just a cheap gimmick to trick girls who are vulnerable and suffering, I know it. Still gonna try it, though.

16. "Someone just kill me."

PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! Just put me out of my damn misery already.

17. "I should be allowed to work from bed for the next 3-5 days."

Periods should serve as the most valid excuse to work from home. And that's not all: These should definitely not have to count against sick or personal days, either.

18. "Guys really just have it so much easier."

They don't have to deal with periods, they don't have to deal with cramps and they definitely aren't spending chunks of money on feminine hygiene products.

19. "I'm so effing bloated."

These leggings are all that fit me right now!