The 'Smile B*tch' Training Camp Video Is Everything To Combat Catcalls (Video)

Men, when we ladies are walking in the street minding our own business, the last thing we want is to be bothered by you.

Too many of you feel the need to catcall us, verbally harass us, or worse: tell us to f*cking smile.

We get it: Your previously sunny, glorious day has been absolutely ruined because you saw us taking a stroll with a nothing face.

You figured that by telling us to smile, you're doing the world a favor by making someone's day a little brighter, right?


When you -- a stranger -- tell us to smile, you seek ownership of our faces. You make our expression about you, and not about how we're feeling inside.

And this is important because, since you don't know us, you don't genuinely care about how we're feeling.

You have no idea what happened to us to make us not smile. Maybe our dog just died, maybe our parents just got divorced, maybe we just got dumped, or maybe -- just maybe! -- we don't feel like smiling.

Maybe smiling all the time hurts our gums.

This "Smile Bitch Training Camp" video encompasses all of this perfectly. I guess, with a little lesson or two, girls really can learn how to smile.

Because, you know, we really needed your help.