Size Matters When It Come To Orgasm, And No, It's Not What You're Thinking


It turns out size just might matter — but for women. Sorry, guys.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the size of a woman's clitoris as well as its distance from the vagina might impact the ability to reach orgasmic bliss.

The study measured the pelvic area of 30 women (not the largest sample size, but we can't imagine many volunteers for this one), including 10 of whom said they had never experienced an orgasm before, despite their best efforts.

Researchers found that in these 10 women, the amount of space between the clitoris and the vagina was longer and their clitorises generally smaller on average.

So despite the reported importance of a woman's mindset in achieving orgasm, might simple body parts play a greater role than we all assumed?

Only maybe, the researchers concluded. There's no definitive answer as to whether these anatomical differences are the result of women obtaining orgasms, or if this lucky lower body set-up is really the key to the elusive O in the first place.

Sound confusing? It is. Let's leave the science explanation to the experts, but feel free to take a little experimenting into your own hands.

via Huffington Post, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock