Always The Texter, Never The Texted: 7 Signs You Might Be The Annoying Friend Of The Group

by Emily Ascani

We've all heard about the toxic people you need to rid yourself of in order to lead a happier life. But, as you nod your head and scroll down... reflect on whether or not you may be one of them.

Even if you don't embody all of these annoyances in the most dramatic sense, realistically, we all have room for improvement within our friendships.

The "Are You Mad At Me?" Text

Stahhhp. Just stop. Even if I were actually mad at you and FELT it was a worthy issue about which to talk... I would do it. Asking me via text message and then replying with an "LOL just making sure" is something that will definitely make me angry, regardless of whether or not I was actually angry.

Just an FYI, adding that "LOL" or "HAHA" after a text like that doesn't alleviate tension, but draws more attention to your cover-up attempt.

Stage 5 Clinger

I'm attached to my phone as much as any other person, but I do not need a text update of what you ate for breakfast, that cute thing you saw on Pinterest or that you just saw so-and-so on the street. We'll have nothing to talk about in person if we cover everything via text message.

Get the hint if I don't answer for a few hours and slow your roll with the constant communication. Note that this doesn't mean that our friendship is weaker — but that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

"Don't Judge Me"

I am in my 20s and will do anything and everything to grow, learn or just get a good story or photo from an experience. Don't waste time acting like you need to beg me to not judge you before any scandalous story you tell.

I am your friend, therefore I will not judge you (unless you've taken up the hobby of hurting small animals or something else creepy). If you feel the need to preface a story with a "don't judge me," and it is a super lame story, I will be disappointed.

Save Yo Drama For Yo Tumblr.

We've all been there — 20-something life can be hella difficult. Can we bond over these difficulties every once in a while during one of "those" days? Yes. But can you rely on me to relieve all of your fears and worries while planning your life out for you? NO.

Know when to stop complaining and when to just have fun. You can only worry out loud about things for so long until your friend wants to slap you and run away screaming. Your worry is probably just making the issue worse, which your friend has already told you.

So, You're In A Relationship?

Swell. Super Duper. Peachy. While I would love to go on a blissful unicorn ride through a rainbow with you and listen to you talk about your significant other constantly, please spare me. I DO want to hear about how things are going and hang out with you guys  IN A GROUP, as in no third wheel. I'm happy at how happy your relationship is making you feel, but let's not analyze every text message (or lack thereof) in the precious time we have together to hangout and unwind.

You're Flaky

If we have plans to go out and we've been talking about our excitement for this epic night via Facebook posts for a week now, follow through.

Stop Being Passive Aggressive.

Does this point really need to be address? Bottom line: nobody wants to be friends with someone who is passive aggressive. Save that for your boyfriend (or for nobody if you're a decent human being). If you're desperate for attention from your friends, you will attract it by doing positive things like having good conversation and finding funny things on the Internet.

Photo via Gossip Girl